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The Pierre Jeanneret Sewing Stool is a classic piece of handmade furniture designed by well-known Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret in circa 1955-56. Legendary Pierre Jeanneret and Le Corbusier, the cousin-duo, had revolutionized the sense of living in the cultural city of Chandigarh in India. Moreover, they had begun to rethink the myriad possibilities in the realms of ingenious furniture. Today, experts & professionals are begetting more than hundreds of their original pieces and making them available at Pierre Jeanneret auction and across several online portals. This has led to massive commercial progress which makes it simple for anyone to purchase Pierre Jeanneret furniture in the US from affiliated resellers as well as collectors.
The Pierre Jeanneret Sewing stool is compact due to its intensive slat-built bench. Constructed from Rosewood, it is bug resistant while also being safe from humidity and other infestations. The curved seating delivers a balanced posture to the individual along with adequate comfort. Simply made out through slats, the assembly is break-free, sturdy, and weight-bearing. The Jeanneret stool, when compared with Pierre Jeanneret chairs as a seating furniture, is devoid of arm and back support. Although they are generally made as single-seater, there have been exclusive design-variants developed over time to suit varying demands.
This Pierre Jeanneret stool is four-legged with extra support by the crossbar that connects the two base slats. Each base slat is assembled with two legs to form a triangular arrangement, below the breadth, to provide enhanced stability to the formation. The top is fashioned to appear curved wherein wooden slats are consecutively arranged to attribute a more profound and enigmatic appearance to the composition. The contrasting balance is subtly nuanced between the delicate curvature and the durable slatted blench—a palpable combination enough to sustain an endearing trust in this rosewood sewing stool. In addition, at one of the two lengths, a crossbar runs between two opposite legs giving it extra support. The grainy texture of the wood is indeed balmy and soothing. This remarkable piece of art and similar Pierre Jeanneret furniture can be purchased online in the US.
Having designed innumerable buildings and restored ancient fortifications, Pierre Jeanneret had gradually realized the indigenous culture of India. Apart from his deep understanding of the Indian culture, Pierre Jeanneret’s aesthetic maturity ensured that all his designs were embedded in the core of utility. These furniture designs had been those thoughtful outcomes of his learning which today attribute “Pierre Jeanneret Chandigarh” with an undying identity.

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