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P! GALERIE | Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret

pierre jeanneret
“OBJETS BRUTS” Catalogue #10

The vast majority of our design objects exhibit our focus on raw art. The search for the essence, where design is more than just decoration, is at the centre of such works. Objects by Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand, Tom Strala, Le Corbusier, Lina Bo Bardi, or Jean Prouvé are fascinating as artefacts per se and move not only our intellects but also our individual archaic sensibilities. The catalogue shows our objects, gives more information about them and tells more about some unique collector pieces. A short interviews tells why this objects are able to fascinate us so much.


Catalogue, 160 pages, in English, with reproductions of the current objects and with images of Chandigarh, updated twice a year, free of charge, available only as a PDF (download here ).


Das Wesen der Architektur
“The Essence of Architecture”

A critical evaluation of modern architecture. The very question as to what establishes quality in a work reveals the false focus of our scientifically oriented perspective. Architecture is art, and it acts as a medium, as a portal to another world in which we wish to see our own existence as individuals mirrored. Most of this world takes effect in the unconscious. Architecture is well aware of its cultic component: wherever it expresses our humanity, along with all our yearnings and fears, it enriches us. The instincts that a building can address, the awareness of one’s own impermanence, the belief in truth, or the yearning for ideals are of far greater importance than the aesthetic questions as to proportions or materials. This book criticizes our dogmatic discourse and our failure to search for the essential depth in architecture.


Theoretical book, 132 pages, in German, with black-and-white illustrations, to be published in late 2020, ca. 34 Euros.


Tom Strala
“The Radicalism of Banality”
Tom Strala vs. Pierre Jeanneret

A comparison of two artists. Their archetypal works show the search for what is essential. With their timeless artefacts, they ignore trends and the short-lived appeal of sensationalism. They love the radicalism of naked expression, and manage to coax the unnoticed depth out of that which is banal and raw. The pieces of furniture, far from making use of mannerist ploys, become concrete images of worldviews and existential sensations. Here we have neither the aesthetics of functionality nor objects that offer hiding to intellectualized rhetoric: here, design becomes art.


Photography, 44 pages, in English/German, with 26 photographs and 3 texts, to be published in 2019, ca. 32 Euros.


le corbusier
“The Le Corbusier Pavilion”

A volume of photographs of Le Corbusier’s last work, the Heidi Weber House. Though the building is of international importance it has received little attention. The well-known photographer Lorenz Cugini has captured the complex spatial constellation, giving it his own personal interpretation, creating images that do justice to this consummate architecture. The objectivist perspective makes possible a multi-layered reading, in which the viewer can open up either to the “promenade architecturale,” to the complex configuration of the rooms, or to the shrewd detail solutions. The photo-book approaches the work intuitively and avoids detracting from the poetic nature of the volume with too much background information. Here we become aware that architecture functions as fantasy and thus nourishes our intellect as well as the world of our sensations.


Photography book, 44 pages, in English/German, with 16 photographs and 3 texts, to be published in 2020, ca. 32 Euros, limited edition signed by the photographer 240 Euros.



The Greek term τέχνη (téchne) embraces the complete unity of art, intellect, and craft. This is an idea foreign to today’s industrial designers, who limit themselves to the actual design and leave the production to the manufacturers. The designer’s relationship to the work remains rather abstract – as to a product. In contrast, the furniture designer/artist Tom Strala actually lives téchne and seeks out the greatest possible engagement with his works. He makes them himself. In this way he becomes his own work, and the work becomes him. The artist Tom Strala transfers the power of his will to the work, and nourishes the object with his own Self. This way of working invests the objects with the depth that his collectors so appreciate. The photo-book documents not only the creation of the object “Bartok” but also a rarely found creative intensity.


Photography book, 48 pages, in English/German, 47 Polaroid reproductions, to be published in 2020, ca. 48 Euros, limited edition signed by Tom Strala 400 Euros.


Cansado Perriand
“CHARLOTTE PERRIAND | Mauritania: Field of Experimentation”

Starting in 1958, in Cansado, on the coast of the then French colony of Mauritania, a workers’ settlement came into being. In accordance with the Modernism of the time, the architect created a rationalist, idealist work. Charlotte Perriand designed furnishings that even today attract attention for their poetic simplicity. Since that time, most of the furniture has been either lost or sold.
The photographic work catches hold of the specific character of the locality and shows the encounter between European and Mauritanian culture. This photography artist volume XXX presents not only the buildings, but also offers an impression of everyday rural life in Mauritania and the changes now taking place there.


Photography book, 64 pages, in English/German, to be published in 2020, ca. 48 Euros, limited edition signed by the photographer 180 Euros.

Pierre jeanneret chair

pierre jeanneret sofa

P Galerie offers objects of Chandigarh. Charlotte Perriand is in Paris and Cansado. That makes it great for interior design also. We love design. Art is important for fashion and society. Also the great artists use that story. We have stools and furniture. All the design books about architecture and India. Authentic office cane chairs are essential for selling design. Our gallery is in London and New York. A house in the brutalist style can surprise us. A bridge sofa set is limited and a kangaroo easy chair is always in teak. That gives design importrance. Even when we are in Zurich, we can be so clear what we offer. Best prices for that Mid-Century furniture. We love Los Angeles and Patrick Seguin too. We are selling for a low price. All our discount offers are surprising. When Charlotte Perriand was in Japan she learned about oak wood and rosewood too. She adored also teak wood.Pierre Jeanneret design

Jeanneret Le Corbusier