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Pierre Jeanneret worked together with Le Corbusier. They created a vision for India, designing from chairs, lamps, desks and easy chairs to a complete unity together with the city. Offering chairs, furniture, easy chairs, office cane chairs and all other objects from Pierre Jeanneret. Design is important and great and tables and Charlotte Perriand tabouret and stools make auction nice. We sell office desks. We sell kangooroo jeanneret chaises. File racks and Committee chairs. Especially the easy chair is a grat piece to have. The history with Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand made design in India important. We sell original objects. Sotheby’s and Christies and Wright20 are our partners, so it’s great to work with us. Desks and armchairs, sofas make the World look great. We are galerists from Zurich, selling the best modern design. Vintage objects in teak and cane. Leather and teak. 1stdibs and Miami Basel, Patrick Seguin but is difficult to get. Pierre Jeanneret furniture for sale is great. Mumbai offers cane chairs and the style of bauhaus and villa savoye. For interior architects a dream to add to European style and its great look. The sofa collection is in ponny hides and is like Jean Prouvé likes it. A dream from Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles. New York is always New York City and that is a choice to do. Design and furniture for museums and galleries all over the World is done by Galerie P! one of the best places in Zurich. Swiss design from Switzerland from Geneva and great looking desks. We sell and you buy the objects for collectors. Shipment of them in a easy way from the Moma to the great Indian style with cane and teak or sisso. Loung chair and coffee table and committee conference table. We sell nice student desks and Kangourou lounge chair. University chairs are great looking with file rack. We have always great folding screen and bookcase from the Administration building or Hight Court. Galerist P. Hadzimanovic

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